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Featured Event: U-235 Fission Game

University of Florida Student Section

The poster consists of four labeled regions which correspond to some of the materials that are found inside a nuclear reactor: Uranium-235, Uranium-238, Boron-10. And water. As one person spins the board, students with nerf guns and nerf darts will shoot at the board, where hitting different regions will award a number of points. Here, the nerf dart represents a neutron, and the board represents a reactor. When a student hits the Uranium-235 region, fission occurs and 3 points is awarded. Uranium-238 and water will scatter the neutron and only one point is awarded. Boron-10 will absorb the neutron and award no points. The object of this game is to see if the student is subcritical, critical, or supercritical.

In the E-week event, the students were given 7 neutrons to shoot at the reactor. Once the students had used up all neutrons, depending on the score, they will get back neutrons for the next round. For example, if a student scores 10 points, they will get back 10 neutrons for the next round. But if a student scores 5, they will only get back 5 neutrons. This process is repeated for 3 rounds, although this can be varied depending on time limitations. After each round, depending on how many neutrons the students get back, they are told whether they are subcritical, critical, or supercritical. For example, if a student scores less than 7 points, they are told they are subcritical. A student scoring 7 will be told they are critical, and a student scoring more than 7 will be told they are supercritical. The person running the activity will then explain to them how these criticality states relate to reactor power. At the end, candy was given out to the participants.

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U-235 Fission Game
University of Florida

Students are taught about criticality with the help of Nerf guns and a spinning “reactor” board