Get Involved


If you are interested in becoming a member of the SSC, please attend one of our meetings!  The SSC meets 3 times a year, at the ANS Student Conference, ANS Annual Meeting, and the ANS Winter Meeting.  The SSC meeting time is posted in the conference program.  You can also contact the SSC for more information.

Other Committees

ANS has various committees that cover topics like public information, public policy, bylaws and rules, and many other things that keep the society running. All of those meetings are open – so you can just stop by at any ANS National Meeting. If you want to join one, you can either talk directly to the chair, or complete on online volunteer form. Committee membership is done by presidential appointment and terms start at the end of the June meetings.

For more information on all of ANS’ committees, please visit


There are also professional divisions that do the technical stuff for the society. They also meet at the national meetings (usually executive committee that deals with governance and technical program that deals with technical programming of conferences). These are also open, so you can just go to them. In fact, you should definitely go to the division meetings that you’re interested in. You can find out when these meetings are by checking out the programs for national meetings or by contactin the Division Chair with your interest. When you sign up for ANS you get to select 2 divisions of which you become a member. Show up, introduce yourself, and hang out. They like that.

Info about each professional divisions and forms to contact the Chairs can be found at