Commendations for Student Service and Leadership

Deadline: March 1

The ANS Student Sections Committee seeks to recognize students whose demonstration of leadership and commitment to outreach and service has resulted in significant achievements and the advancement of the nuclear community.

Faculty Advisors, Department Heads, Student Section Officers, and/or classmates are requested to nominate one or more students for a commendation. There is no limit to how many nominations may be submitted and it is encouraged that all individuals submit separate nominations even if for the same nominee. Students are also welcome to self-nominate.  There is value to all nominations regardless if the nominees are selected for a commendation or not as they will be recognized on the SSC website. Recipients of the commendations are recognized at ANS Student Conference each spring.


The Commendations Chair will form a Commendations Subcommittee made of students which will evaluate the nominations. To keep the judging of the nominations unbiased, students will not evaluate submission from their same school or for people they know.  There is no limit to the number of commendations given per year and no requirement that any be given at all.  Honorable mentions may also be recognized.

Call for Nominations

It is recommended in case of a nomination by Student Section Officers, peers, or self, that a recommendation letter or separate nomination form is submitted by the Faculty Advisor or Department Head.

Nominations must be submitted by completing the nomination form.

Please email all submissions to the Commendations Chair at






Past Service and Leadership Commendations Recipients

2023-2024Narrie Loftus
Julia Marshall
Jonathan Balog
Sean Bistany
2022-2023Nathan Ryan
Iza Lantgios
Emma Houston
2021-2022Desiré Rivera Borges
Matthew Hageman
Sara Perkins
2020-2021Ernesto Barraza
Dilan Kurukulasuriya
2019-2020Amanda Bachmann
Seth Kilby
Ishita Trivedi
Alexandria Ragsdale
Mackenzie Warwick
2018-2019Michael Hua
Kelley Verner
2017-2018Jeremy J.H. Mettler
Gemma Irais Strong
2016-2017Kalin Kiesling
Aries Loumis
2015-2016Matthew Jasica
Katie Mummah
Miriam Rathbun
2014-2015Andrew Conant
Remy Devoe
Justin Knowles
2010-2011Brian Kleinfeldt
Samuel Kuhr
Brianna Ferguson
Ryan Penney
Ashley Swim
2009-2010Amy Varallo
Rachel Slaybaugh
Wesley Deason
Jackie Young
Shannon Stacy
Timothy Cahill