Committee Members

Kathryn A. Mummah

Vice Chairs
2023 William Searight Vice Chair
2023 Peter Hotvedt Vice Chair

Committee Members
2022 Amanda M. Bachmann
2022 Matthew Jeffrey Jasica
2022 William Searight
2022 Monica Gehrig
2023 Bobbi Riedel
2022 Kathryn A. Mummah
2022 Kristina “Lisa” Reed
2023 Peter Gregory Hotvedt
2023 Jeremy J. Mettler
2024 Kelley Marie Verner
2024 Jamie Coble
2024 Jeffrey King
2024 Miriam Kreher
2024 Robin Roper
2024 Evan Gonzalez
2024 Jillian Newmeyer
2024 Ernesto Barazza

Ex-Officio Members

Student Director
Amanda Bachmann

Chair of Education Training and Workforce Development Division
Dan Carleton

2023 Student Conference Chairs
Emma Houston
Katy Worrell

Student Section Presidents
All of you!

All members of the SSC have access to the exclusive committee group on ANS Collaborate.  Members can utilize this virtual networking site to start discussion threads and exchange information between sections.