Establishment of a Student Section

The initiative for organizing an ANS Student Section should come from the students involved in a science or engineering program at an eligible college or university. There should be a strong interest on the part of at least 15 undergraduate or graduate students toward group organization and undertaking activities of mutual interest.

Experience indicates that an organized student group should operate unofficially for several months to a year before seeking recognition as an ANS Student Section. This allows an opportunity to determine whether or not the group has sufficiently sustained interest to make the section succeed; it also provides an opportunity to develop the organization and operational procedures.

To learn more about the process of starting a student section, please review the Petition for Authorization of Student Section. This document MUST be followed and submitted for a student section to be established.



Extensions of Student Sections at Two Year Colleges

An ANS student section may be formed at a two year college or technical institute as an extension of an established student section at a neighboring university.


Members in the extension section will be students enrolled in a nuclear engineering or nuclear technology program at a two year college or technical institute. A membership of at least 15 student members is required to form an extension section. Members of the extension section are encouraged to become student members of the ANS. The extension section shall have an advisor who is a member of the faculty of the college or institute and a member of the ANS.

Establishment of an Extension Section

The impetus for establishment of an extension section may come either from an established student section or from the two year college or technical institute. Application for a new extension section will be made to the Student Sections Committee in the same manner as a new student section is formed — the application shall include a letter of endorsement from the sponsoring section.

Rules and Bylaws

The rules and bylaws of the host section, with suitable modifications, to relate to the situation at the college, will be adopted by the extension section.