Annual Report

All sections must submit, an annual report either via Google Form or PDF – submitted here by May 15 to the SSC every year to keep the section in good standing.

In addition, sections must report their new officers as soon as they accept the position.  The common practice is to appoint new officers at least one month before the end of the academic year; this allows for continuity and gives the new officers the opportunity to function at one meeting before the group breaks up for the summer. The outgoing officers should leave a record of what was accomplished during the previous year. This record should be kept with the faculty advisor to allow for the history and continuity of the section.

Complete Your Annual Report Online  – You can start completing your annual report at any time and finish up later.  A link will be sent to the email address provided with a personal URL so you can come back to it before submitting it.

What is Good Standing?

ANS Student Sections must do the following things to remain in Good Standing, as required by the ANS Bylaws and Rules:

    1. Inform the SSC at least once a year of the names and contact information for the section, faculty advisor, and all officers (chair, vice chair, and advisor MUST be ANS members)
    2. File an annual report (see instructions above) with the SSC containing a statement of operations
    3. Adopt the Standard Bylaws for Student Sections (once)
      More info is here.
    4. File Rules (included in the Standard Bylaws and Rules) with the SSC and Bylaws and Rules Committee whenever they change.

You can check the status of your section below.


Section Status

The Student Sections Committee  developed the following status categories:

(those in Good Standing are Active, but those that are listed as Active are not in Good Standing)

  • good standing: filed Annual Report in the current year (including officer info), adopted the standard Bylaws and Rules.
  • activefiled Annual Report at least once in last 3 years (including officer info)
  • in flux: filed full officer info at least once in last 5 years but Annual Report is > 3 years overdue
  • inactive: gave SSC some sort of confirmation that a section exists (e.g. contact info for a president or an advisor) within last 8 years but have not provided full officer info in > 5 years
  • dormant: SSC unable to confirm that a section exists (e.g. contact info for a president or an advisor) anytime within last 8 years, or section has requested dissolution


State School Status Year Formed B&R Current? Last AR
Ohio Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) active 1956 Y 2023
Utah Brigham Young University active 2015 Y 2023
Tennessee Chattanooga State Community College active 2012 U 2023
New York City College of New York inactive 2011 U 2018
South Carolina Clemson University inactive 1980 U 2015
Colorado Colorado School of Mines good standing 2010 Y 2023
zCanada École Polytechnique de Montréal inactive 2008 Y 2021
New York Excelsior College active 2007 Y 2023
Florida Florida International University inactive 2015 Y
Georgia Georgia Institute of Technology good standing 1965 Y 2023
Idaho Idaho State University active 1969 Y 2023
zIndia Indian Institute of Technology, Jammu 2021 N 2023
Iowa Iowa State University active 1957 Y 2023
Kansas Kansas State University active 1958 Y 2023
Georgia Kennesaw State University good standing 2013 Y 2023
zKSA King Abdulaziz University good standing 2016 Y 2023
Louisiana Louisiana State University in flux 1990 Y 2017
Massachusetts Massachusetts Institute of Technology active 1961 Y 2023
Missouri Missouri University of Science & Technology active 1967 Y 2023
North Carolina North Carolina State University active 1958 Y 2021
Ohio Ohio State University active 1967 Y 2023
Oregon Oregon State University good standing 1970 Y 2023
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State University good standing 1959 Y 2023
Indiana Purdue University good standing 1959 Y 2023
New York Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute active 1964 Y 2021
South Carolina South Carolina State University active 2002 N 2019
New Jersey Stevens Institute of Technology in flux 2019 N 2019
Texas Texas A&M University active 1961 Y 2023
Texas Texas A&M University-Kingsville in flux 2016 N 2017
Connecticut Three Rivers Community College in flux 1988 N 2018
New York United States Military Academy at West Point in flux 2004 Y 2023
Maryland United States Naval Academy active 1971 Y 2023
California University of California – Berkeley good standing 1959 Y 2023
California University of California – Irvine active 2014 Y 2021
Florida University of Florida good standing 1960 Y 2023
Idaho University of Idaho active 1994 Y 2020
Illinois University of Illinois good standing 1961 Y 2023
Maryland University of Maryland active 1965 Y 2023
Massachusetts University of Massachusetts – Lowell active 1967 Y 2023
Michigan University of Michigan active 1955 Y 2023
Missouri University of Missouri – Columbia inactive 1968 N 2018
Nevada University of Nevada – Las Vegas active 2003 Y 2023
Nevada University of Nevada – Reno good standing 2014 Y 2023
New Mexico University of New Mexico good standing 1967 Y 2023
Pennsylvania University of Pittsburgh active 2011 Y 2023
Puerto Rico University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez good standing 2019 Y 2023
zUAE University of Sharjah good standing 2014 Y 2023
South Carolina University of South Carolina active 2005 Y 2023
Tennessee University of Tennessee good standing 1959 Y 2023
Texas University of Texas – Arlington active 2011 2023
Texas University of Texas – Austin active 1961 Y 2023
Texas University of Texas – Permian Basin in flux 2009 Y 2019
Utah University of Utah active 1977 Y 2023
Washington University of Washington active 1964 Y 2023
Wisconsin University of Wisconsin – Madison active 1961 Y 2023
Utah Utah State University good standing 2013 Y 2023
Tennessee Vanderbilt University in flux 2007 Y 2018
Virginia Virginia Commonwealth University good standing 2011 Y 2023
Virginia Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University good standing 2008 Y 2023


Certificate of Distinction

The Certificate of Distinction is awarded to ANS Student Sections that file an annual report with ANS headquarters; update ANS headquarters with names and contact information for the new officers of the student section; have up to date Bylaws and Rules; organize and submit a report on at least one outreach event; share outreach material with the SSC for other sections to use; and report a non-outreach event for posting on our website.

Congratulations to the recipients of Certificates of Distinction for the 2022-2023 year:

  1. Boise State University
  2. Colorado School of Mines
  3. Georgia Institute of Technology
  4. Indian Institute of Technology, Jammu
  5. Kansas State University
  6. King Abdulaziz University
  7. Missouri University of Science and Technology
  8. Oregon State University
  9. Penn State University
  10. University of California, Berkeley
  11. University of Florida 
  12. University of Idaho
  13. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  14. University of Michigan
  15. University of New Mexico
  16. University of Pittsburgh
  17. University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez
  18. University of South Carolina
  19. University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  20. University of Texas at Austin
  21. Virginia Commonwealth University