Call for Commendations for Student Service and Leadership (2018 Cycle Now Open)

The ANS-National Student Sections Committee seeks to recognize students whose demonstration of leadership and commitment to outreach and service has resulted in significant achievements and the advancement of the nuclear community.
Faculty Advisors, Department Heads, Student Section Officers, and/or classmates are requested to nominate one or more student for a commendation. There is no limit to how many nominations may be submitted and it is encouraged that all individuals submit separate nominations even if for the same nominee. Students are also welcome to self-nominate.  There is value to all nominations regardless if the nominees are selected for a commendation or not as they will be recognized on the SSC website. Recipients of the commendations will be announced before the ~500 students and ~150 recruiters at the annual ANS Student Conference which will be held at the University of Florida.


Nominations can be submitted by completing the nomination form [PDF] [DOCX]. It is recommended in case of nomination by Student Section Officers, Peers, or Self, that a recommendation letter or separate nomination form is submitted by the Faculty Advisor or Department Head.


The deadline for submissions is March 1st, 2018. Please email all submissions to the Commendations Chair, at


The Commendations Chair will form a Commendations Subcommittee made of students which will evaluate the nominations. To keep the judging of the nominations unbiased, students will not evaluate submission from their same school or for people they know.  There is no limit to the number of commendations given per year and no requirement that any be given at all.  Honorable mentions may also be recognized.


The Commendations will be announced at the Awards Banquet of the Annual ANS Student Conference,, on Saturday, April 7, 2018.


Congratulations to the 2016-2017 recipients and nominees of the ANS SSC Commendations for Service and Leadership!

Recipients of a Commendation for Service and Leadership:

Kalin Kiesling
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Aristidis Loumis
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Kalin Kiesling has been in multiple ANS leadership roles over the last 5 years, including UW Section President, Student Conference Co-Chair, participation on multiple ANS National subcommittees, particularly within the Student Sections Committee, and most recently as the Student Director on the ANS Board of Directors, and is widely recognized by both student and professional society members.

One of Kalin’s most important qualities is her ability to mentor and encourage younger leaders. From her nomination, Kalin “always takes time to share their wisdom and experiences with new board members, particularly during difficult transition periods. At the same time, she understands that there is more than one right way to lead—never insisting that things be done a certain way but rather helping new leaders discover what works best for themselves in their new role”

Aristidis Loumis has been descibed as “a model nuclear citizen,” “a devoted leader, and a positive force in their department.” He’s played a key role in the developing and maintaining the strength of the University of Illinois student section in the past two years, including being one of the main advocates of sending dozens of students to the student conference. He has served as the UIUC Section President for the 2016-2017 year.

He has shown incredible devotion to the area of nuclear advocacy and has gone to great lengths to ensure that their student section plays an active role in local advocacy efforts in Illinois. He’s been instrumental in creating and maintaining close relationships with environmental groups on campus, including working to ensure that these groups understand the value of nuclear power.

Past Service and Leadership Commendations Recipients

2015-2016Matthew Jasica
Katie Mummah
Miriam Rathbun
2014-2015Andrew Conant
Remy Devoe
Justin Knowles